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10 Home Security Mistakes You Need to Avoid Security is one aspect of our homes that we should never overlook. Instead, home security is something that we need to constantly evaluate and improve upon. There’s always an opportunity to improve the security of our homes; we just need to know where to look.Read More
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Check this out to see how to order your 2" Fauxwood Snow White Blinds by A Better BlindRead More
When you move into your new home, there are some things you may need right away and will add some wants for later. Read about what homeowners typically prioritize over others.Read More
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Moving in can be challenging. You're settling into your new home and your busy life has not slowed down for your move. Chances are there are many things you're looking for to personalize your new home. Blinds or shades to cover all your windows or your patio door, shutters to upgrade the blinds in the front of your home, cabinet items to organize your kitchen, and garage door openers.

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Changing your address is not a simple task but it's a very important one when you move.Read More
08.05.17 By Diana Adams change address, Comments Moving In 101, has partnered with local professionals that perform installs for your builders while the house is under construction.Read More
Congratulations!!! You’ve got a new garage. They are amazing spaces. Don’t make the mistake of filling it up with boxes and junk that have no real value instead of your car. They are designed to hold cars. :)Read More
Upgrading or adding cabinet hardware can help you define your style in your new home. Pulls and knobs give a lot of impact for a bargain price. Think of them as accessories—like your jewelry, purse, scarf or shoes—they define your style and statement.Read More
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Some of you may have purchased a new home and plan to start a new home based business. At times you may need to ship multiple packages, and generating shipments manually for each package would just take too much time. UPS offers batch shipping but make sure you follow the steps in this blog to get it right.Read More