When you move into your new home, there are some things you may need right away and will add some wants to your list for later. Read about what new homeowners like you typically prioritize over others.


Cover your Windows & Automate your Garage Door

Most homeowners will want two things right away when they move into their new home (if they didn't have them installed before close) - blinds to cover their windows and garage door openers to automate their new garage door.

Circulate your Air

Depending on your builder you may get one or two ceiling fans included in your package.  Most times they include ceiling fan rated boxes in the other rooms (check with your builder before you try to install a ceiling fan there).  New homeowners will purchase the remaining and either install themselves or hire someone else to do it.

They may have a fan but not a light, so they purchase universal light kits to attach to their fans.

Hide your Trash

Adding a trash pull out to store in your cabinet is very popular and some consider a necessity.


If this is their first house and they did not have a rental that allowed for a grill or they just need a new one, they'll buy a grill right away for their very first BBQ with friends, family and neighbors.

RIGHT AWAY (not as common but if going to do it will do it right away):


Some homeowners upgrade their flooring before they move in. There could be many reasons why but the most common is that the builder didn't have exactly what they wanted.  They really want to make it their own and if you try to do it after you move in, it will be very difficult.  You can ask your builder for recommendations of a good local flooring company.

RIGHT AWAY (if didn't close with any):

Bath Hardware

Some homeowners will close on their home without items like toilet paper holders and a towel bar or hook in their bathrooms. These homeowners will purchase these items typically right away.  They are simple to install too - just be aware of where your plumbing is.  


Cabinet Organization

Once you've had a chance to put your stuff in your cabinets, you may realize you could optimize them with a few handy organization items.

Roll out trays or pots and pans organizers are very handy to add for additional and accessible storage.

Spice drawers or back of the door spice racks are very popular too.

Bath Hardware

At times a house may close without bath hardware and then this is a right away item especially for toilet paper holders.  If the house closed with a couple towel bars and a toilet paper holder in each bathroom, homeowners will add a few more items after they've had time to use the house and understand their needs.

Cabinet Hardware

If they didn't receive hardware on their cabinets, they'll typically add this to open their doors and drawers easier.


Lighting Upgrades

Homeowners typically want to personalize their lighting to match their personal taste.  Some builders offer a few lighting packages and the homeowners can't get exactly what they want.  It's easier to move in, get settled and then tackle this expense.  However some will purchase it right away especially a chandelier or some pendants because they have their heart set on a specific one.  

Stone Vanity Countertops

Most builders offer stone in the kitchen but not in the bathrooms, so homeowners are looking for stone vanity countertops to replace the laminate or cultured marble.  


Take care, Moving In 101